Pre purchase inspections are important when purchasing a used boat. we have gathered a lot of statistics over the years and have learnt that it is imperative to thoroughly inspect a boat before purchase this can save you thousands in unforeseen repairs or even just a dud boat.
 What we are looking out for with your inspection. This will give you the best information you can get to aid you in the purchase of your new boat. Most Second hand boats have little hidden issues that can turn into big problems quickly, We know these and where to look for them. By identifying these we can guide you in the right direction with your new boat purchase.

Keeping your boat safe on the water combining service and passion.
Mobile Service in your driveway.
Same day callout service available from $135.
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Mobile Marine Outboard Service  Perth

WE are focused on and committed to ensuring that the health and safety of our clients, staff and service providers remain our highest priority during this rapidly changing and challenging health crisis.


To that end we have developed policies and procedures to implement appropriate precautions which are in accord with the latest relevant advice provided by government health authorities. These policies may change as that advice changes.


Our staff and their workplace


All staff members are fully aware of the need to be alert to the symptoms of the virus and in the event they are feeling unwell, will be encouraged to self-isolate and seek medical attention. They will in many cases be able to work remotely should an absence from the office become necessary.


We have impressed upon staff the need for personal hygiene and the need to have a real concern for the wellness of their colleagues. Cleaning and sanitising products and facilities are fully stocked, and all work and other surfaces are rigorously cleaned on a daily basis.


We are keeping our staff regularly updated with changed situations and needs as well as reinforcing our overall stance on their health and safety.




We are asking that you only attend at our office after making an appointment and giving staff an opportunity to prepare for your visit appropriately.  Those arrangements will include a specified time slot and information about access to our building, noting that we’ll require you to call 0458852591 to announce your arrival. CASUAL VISITORS ARE WELCOME PLEASE WASH HANDS AND WHERE POSSIBLE AVOID HUMAN CONTACT ON ARRIVAL

Unless there is a need to physically deliver or collect something, we would ask that you contact us by phone or email. We are making every effort to ensure that phone and email communications are promptly dealt with. 


Where clients, contractors or others attend at our office we have set aside space which will enable them to be separated from the staff workspaces and adequate “social distancing” measures will apply.


There will be a requirement that all visitors must sign a register with their name and full contact details to ensure that if the need arises, we can contact them to advise of any concerns we have and any action they might need to take following their visit.


As far as is possible we have adopted a zero-contact policy which eliminates the opportunity for transmission of the virus by contact. This may cause some minor inconveniences, but we are confident that this will be accepted by our visitors.


If you have been overseas or on a plane in the last 14 days, we kindly request that you refrain from attending our office.


In the event that you should be diagnosed as having been infected with the virus we ask that you inform us so that we can conduct our own internal check for a need to inform others.


Our clients


First and foremost, we would remind all clients of the need to remain informed of the current Health Department recommendations in the day to day conduct of your own lives.


In the coming weeks and perhaps months precautionary measures will need to be taken in the way we normally conduct our business.


If meetings have already been notified, we intend to proceed with these meetings, although we need to ensure adequate “social distancing”. With this in mind we will be recommending that all meetings be conducted via electronic means, whether that be teleconference, skype, zoom or something similar. If this is not suitable, we may recommend adjourning or postponing the meeting. We will keep in contact with the council and ensure that owners and councillors are fully informed of any changes.


As is always the case, if you are reluctant to attend a meeting in person, you can appoint a proxy to attend and to vote on your behalf. All general meeting notices include a proxy form for your use. For the time being, council meeting notices will also have a proxy form attached.


Our commitment


We will continue to do everything in our power to ensure that the needs of your strata company are met in a timely manner and we will always be available to respond to any concerns you may have in the delivery of service.


You will also be kept informed as and when there is any change which directly effects your MARINE SERVICE AGENTS or its owners.


Thank you for your cooperation in these unique circumstances.


Should you have any queries regarding this matter please do not hesitate to contact our office.


 Outboard Service, Repairs and Spares Perth, Rockingham, Mandurah All Suburbs and Areas

We keep through records of your service with us in our secure database, making notes and photos of all additional works for your information and our records to be able to provide you with the best most cost effective service anyone has to offer.

back by 24/7 electronic access to your service logs when it is convenient for you.

Our customer feedback has revealed a set of wishes people share in common when they want a Mobile Marine Mechanic in Perth. FALCON SERVICES AUSTRALIA Mobile Marine Mechanic is listening Carefully.

Local mobile marine and boat Mechanics servicing Perth, Mandurah and Rockingham. 

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