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Perths Mobile Callout Boat Technician 



Breakdown Callouts From $135
Monday to Saturday
PH 0458852591

So your boats broken down what do you do? 

First things first,

Has the engine been serviced in the past 12 months? If not stop here its time to book a service in, your engine is crying out for some love! to be honest its not practical or efficient to just get her running again without doing proper maintenance on your engine. this can promote an issue free season of boating with minimal issues caused by lack of maintenance. Saving you time and money in the long term.

You can book a service in anytime online 24/7 here! 

So you've had your engine serviced recently! Read Below >

Have you got Fuel? This is the biggest issue!! Check the tank don't always rely on the gauge.

Is your Fuel new?  If it stinks or is older that a few weeks is probably bad.

Water ? Is there water in the water trap?

Is it 98 octane? This fuel is better it has additive to help your fuel system stay clean.

Is it 2 stroke - is the fuel mixed correctly? Eg. 50:1 so thats 400ml of outboard 2 stroke oil to 20l of fuel ( lawnmower oil or motorbike oil won't work properly and will cause you big issues )

Ok so you have fuel - does the engine crank over and not start this can be caused by a number of issues - most of which cannot be fixed properly without care and attention of the trained eye.  Call now we can be there shortly

So the engine starts but will not idle or performs poorly under load - shut it down immediately you could be causing major damage internally to your engine! These problems can be easily rectified if caught early on. Call now to make an appointment 

So the engine won't even crank over - You should get someone out asap poor electrical systems can cause major damage to your engine if not to manufacture specification. Give us a bell and someone will be with you shortly

Optimax - So your engine isn't running right ... even a little Bit - call now these fellas don't like being out of service in any kind of way. If you hear a buzzer shut it down immediately and get towed back to your launch point call for assistance we may be available ( excludes Sunday's ) to assist you at the ramp.  A slight air leak can stop these in a bad way! Better get her booked in asap and refrain from using it until a clean bill of health is given!

Etec - like a optimax but has from our experience better safe guards to protect the engine from failure. These generally go into safe mode when a fault is detected limiting the engine computer diagnostics are needed to fault find efficiently and repair or service an Etec. Faults are generally easily fixable onsite without requiring ordering parts if caught early. 

EFI 4-Stroke - Check the oil if it's any colour except for clear it's due for a service ( White is very bad ) -Call immediately we don't have much time!!

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