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Marine Finance for Your

Boat or Jetski

Boat not near you?

You Can Find the Best Priced Airfares here ! 

Used Boat Loan | Australia | Falcon Services Australia
Used Boat Finance
So that boat you found on Gumtree is a little out of your price range?
You're looking To re-power your existing boat?
Well you're in the right place!
We Can Help You!


Together with Shakespeare, We can now offer a Wide Range of Marine & Asset Finance Packages:


At Shakespeare Leasing and Mortgage Solutions we have access to a broad range of lenders in order to determine the best choice for your Marine/Asset finance needs. We’ll work with you to tailor a repayment option that suits your situation and budget with packages available for all types of customers.

Through Shakespeare Leasing and Mortgage Solutions you can benefit from:

• Competitive interest rates

• Fixed repayments

• Loan terms from 1-7 years

Marine Finance Options:

• Pre-Approval Boat Loans

• Trailer Boat Loans

• Sport Cruiser Loans

• Jetski and Ski Boat Loans

• Yacht Loans

• Charter Boat Loans

• Commercial Boat Loans

• Hire Boat Operators

• Houseboat Loans

• Game Boat Loans

To begin the simple and fast approval process CONTACT US or COMPLETE THE BELOW FORM to have one of our Marine Finance Specialist contact you within 24 hours!

Falcon boat service perth
Secondhand Boat Finance

Not Sure if you can get finance on a second hand boat you found on Gumtree?

Yes, You Can!

We can hook you up, So you can get hooked up! On your new vessel that is.

Coupled with a successful Pre-Purchase exam From Falcon Services Australia, The boat yard just got bigger with more to choose from, to suit almost all budgets for boats of all ages.


Get in contact with us and we can help you find a finance solution to suit your needs.   

Jetski Finance
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