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So your thinking of buying a used boat - You Should always Travel to inspect it before making any offer! Never Buy a used boat without having a thorough inspection carried out. You could be buying someone else's Problem. Did you know the value of a 115Hp outboard engine could be in excess of $15000 to replace if you buy a lemon and no Lemons are not normally denoted by  a shiny yellow fruit bolted to the back of a boat. They are more subtly hidden generally lurking inside a cylinder or gear box.

Boats are a different kind of animal unlike cars that start drive and go well which could mean that it's a good thing -  boats generally speaking are a Porsche that's parked in the ocean. It's really important to keep the maintenance up to scratch, because like the Porsche, the corrosion from being in such a salty environment will take its toll unless its done. 

The thing you will find with most used boats is that the maintenance after warranty has lapsed is fairly thin or minimal. now say if theres a period of time 2 years plus where there is no receipt of maintenance ( generally speaking a person doing the servicing themselves is not conducting thorough maintenance ) there is a fairly good chance that there will be repairs needed. most of the time they are quite expensive as corrosion generally equals component replacement. 

Starting at $220 for an Outboard & $399 for an Inboard/sterndrive, let us inspect your future pride and joy so you know it's in tip top condition when you part with your hard earned money.

Our Mobile Mechanics come with you to inspect the vessel and go over the boat so you know any hidden problems so you don't end up with a nasty surprise. It is this level of detail that truly sets us apart and gives you the peace of mind to buy your next vessel with confidence.

A mechanical inspection from Falcon Services Australia will consist of detailed testing of the following mechanical components:

Anode(s) External Inspected and reported

Battery Inspected, and reported 

Fuel, oil & cooling water leakage Inspected and reported

Cowling clamp Inspected and reported  

Engine starting condition/abnormal noise Inspected reported  

Engine idling speed/abnormal noise Inspected and reported  

Engine oil ** Inspected and reported  

Engine Manifolds inspected and reported

Engine hours if present, inspected and reported 

Propeller type and pitch inspected and reported 

Primary fuel filter/water separator Inspected and reported   

Intermediate fuel filters *** Inspected and reported   

Boat-mounted 10-Micron fuel filter Inspected and reported   

Fuel lines, engine Inspected and reported   

Gear oil Inspected and reported   

Grease Points Inspected and reported  

Power trim/tilt unit Inspected and reported  

Propeller, propeller nut & cotter pin Inspected and reported  

Spark plugs Inspected and reported  

Spark plug caps & leads Inspected and reported  

Main ignition switch & stop switch Wire harness connections Inspected & reported 

Trailer Visual Condition inspected and reported  

Trailer Tyre Condition and year of tyres inspected and reported   

Trailer Bearing Condition inspected and reported  

Hull Visual Condition / Deck / Underside, inspected and reported   

Hull structural composite inspected and reported  

Compressions reported 

Transom Visual Cracks (if any present) reported

Transom Visual Chips (if any present) reported 

Safety Gear (if present) inspected and reported 

Gearbox function, inspected and reported 


The above items will be scored so you can weigh up the pros and cons make an educated decision on buying your boat.

Once the report is carried out our internal report will be sent to head office and evaluation of present condition, Maintenance history and age are taken into consideration to give an overall grading of the vessel.

This process is done as a procedure to enable us to inform you of your standings, current maintenance, cost and future costs as well as giving you overall grading of the vessel out of 10 for its applicable life span. Allowing you to make an informed decision. There is no single layer process. With this in mind you can negotiate with the seller to adjust the price so you're getting a fair deal.

We also can provide you with a completed Insurance inspection report or finance application report if necessary. This $390 additional to a pre-purchase exam ( Trailer Boats Only ) which is a different form suitable for 3rd party purposes.

The level of inspection varies from one product to another as does the level of detail entered. 

This reflects requirements that various bodies require and the time involved. 

We do all inspections with you, the customers best interest in mind! We speak freely on our thoughts of the condition of the vessel and give you our personal opinion on the vessel to the very best of our knowledge.



Contact Falcon on 0458852591

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Inboard pre purchase inspection
Pre purchase inspections are important when purchasing a used boat. We have gathered a lot of statistics over the years and have learnt that it is imperative to thoroughl...
Pre-Purchase Outboard Engine
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Pre purchase inspections are important when purchasing a used boat. we have gathered a lot of statistics over the years and have learnt that it is imperative to thoroughl...
Pre-Purchase Inspection inboard
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We Also Offer Finance Application Inspections
Pre purchase inspections are important when purchasing a used boat. we have gathered a lot of statistics over the years and have learnt that it is imperative to thoroughl...
Pre-Purchase Inspection inboard
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Mobile Marine servicing perth, Mobile inboard Repairs , 24hr mobile mechanic.

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All opinions given are Technicians personal opinions of any given vessel.

We cannot see the unforeseen and give no warranty on the boat, Engine or accessories in your purchase.

We do not authorise any report to be shared with anyone other than the customer whom orders it.

All reports are written in confidence. 

No responsibility is taken for unforseen circumstances.

We give you our personal opinion to the best of our knowledge at the time of inspection. 

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